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A Web of On-line Dictionaries - Also Language Translation Dictionaries

Family Search Internet Genealogy Service

Personality Tests, etc.

Postage rates worldwide - This site is extremely out of date, but provides links to real, working links to post offices worldwide.

Words - A collection of thoughts

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site

World News Links

Everything you Never Wanted to Know About Everything (loads very, very, very slow even with DSL)

US Directory Assistance

People suck, My gripes with the World - There really isn't alot here, but what is here is funny! (Loads very very slow)

Welcome to - Forums for Jokes, Riddles and more

Macy's Online

Welcome to the Old Farmers Almanac

Free Stuff for College Students

Ramsdis Online - Satellite Images

Furby Autopsy

The Onion News page - best source of news!

Impossible to find toys and collectibles. The Hell Hole - one of many South Park Pages. See what Kenny really says!

Goofy Humor, Stupidity, and Free Stuff

Stupid People/ eh (Funny, very funny!)

Starr's Report on Clinton

Lilith Fair Home Page

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